At your packaging box manufacturing process, have you met the below situation before?

1. Offered artwork with PMS and CMYK code while final custom gift box printing effect is not the one you want?

2. Communicated the weight of paper while you are not satisfied with paper thickness?

3. Does a few box size tolerance lead to packaging box fit issues?

4. Paper viewing or touch effect is not the one you want?

The most efficient way is to offer your sample to your custom gift box company. Some clients may still feel uncertain why it is needed. Let’s take a further communication.

1. Offered artwork with PMS and CMYK code while final custom gift box printing effect is not the one you want?

It has color’s character,also have subjective operating factor and objective factor.

Firstly, all colors have no 100% standard.

The tolerance happens based on human feeling, viewing tools, lights, etc. When different people check the same color under different environments, the color will be different.

Thus if you have produced box packaging before, it’s better to offer a sample to the gift box supplier for color reference. Color checking under the same working environments can reduce color tolerance much.

Secondly, the existing box project also has a situation like this.

When box printing meets particular cases and has to change the color during production, the brand owner is forgettable to update their documents accordingly. If we only have artwork without box samples, it’s easy to happen a color issue.

Thirdly, the solid is relatively easy to control the color, as we can use Pantone color cards as a reference.

CMYK is colorful and can achieve very complex color structures, it’s a popular method in custom gift box printing, but it has less instability than a solid color, even bath to bath also existing color tolerance. That is why custom gift box manufacturers prefer customers offer samples.

And for the new design, we always pay attention to sampling before production to control the color.

2. Communicated the weight of paper while it comes different thicknesses?

The paper thicknesses from the different suppliers will be different, and the same weight of paper may have kinds of thicknesses. Thus the weight is out of business with the thickness.

The stiffness of the paper decided the thickness. It usually exists in an inverse direction.

As a paper box manufacturer, they usually based on product’s weight and material to choose the suitable paper as a daily operation. While if clients offer a sample can always lead the manufacturer to avoid misunderstanding.

3. Few size tolerance lead to product can’t fit box well?

When your products need a box insert, a sample box or product is vitally important.

On the one hand, the production process of both our products has tolerance

On the other hand, we will consider the insert’s fix, easy operation, product fit situation, and delivery safety function, etc. A suitable insert relay on the correct sample is provided.

4. Paper viewing or touch effect is not the one you want?

There are many kinds and decorations of paper, different paper factories product has their character.

Sometimes when we check by photo and feel it’s daily material, the result may not. Like one of our clients who specialized in sandalwood, he found a unique paper and wants to use the same one on his new box design. When we look at the photo, it looks like black paper with matte film, after the sample arrived, then we realized it is made of special paper, and the color is black but bluish, it took us almost a month to find this special paper out, nearly all domestic paper are black but grayish or yellow, we finally import it from Japan.

When requirements are extremely strict, without sample checking, both cooperation parties may waste time and cost.

Although offering sample to custom gift box manufacturers is a tiny thing, while it helps your box becomes a best situation very much, at the moment, I believe you may understand why offering sample of sampling is vitally important.

Hope to hear your opinion about the kraft paper packaging or what’s your worries about paper box packaging. Let’s communicate to discover more. For more information welcome to visit our website:

Wrote by Floworld Pack – Sabrina Wong

An expert packaging solution provider since 2009, I help customers choose the right packaging with efficient communication and affordable price.