Just imagine when you have two same products in your hands, their only difference is packed with or without folding carton boxes. How were your feeling will be?
Which product will you feel is more royal and newer?

As global environmental protection and branding emphasis continues increasing, the advantages of paper packaging are increasingly prominent. Folding cartons based on their low cost and wide usage range becomes the favorite paper box packaging of the Brand Owner. The folding cartons market is bigger and bigger.

What are folding cartons? What are folding cartons made of?

Folding carton definition:
Frankly speaking, a folding carton is a paper packaging box that can be folded. It is under flat status from production to delivery.

Viewing from the material, folding cartons have 3 types.

Types of folding carton packaging

Type 1: Paperboard Box

It is made of single copper paper, kraft paper, silver, or gold card paper. Most people in the printing market also called it folding cartons.
The production processes are Paper cutting -Printing-Lamination-Die Cut-Bonding.

Type 2: Corrugated Box

It is made of art paper + Micro Pit Paper, People sometimes called them cardboard boxes.
The production processes are Paper cutting -Printing-Lamination-Mounting-Die Cut-Bonding.

It is made of art paper or specialty paper + greyboard
The production processes are Papercutting -Printing-Lamination-Die Cut- Mounting-Bonding

Folding cartons and corrugated boxes are easy to be confused people, we will clear out from the next topic.

Is a folding carton the same as a corrugated box?

A folding carton is not the same as a corrugated box, as a corrugated box is just one type of folding carton.

Why do we are easy to confuse folding cartons with corrugated boxes?
Firstly, mostly the time, people called folding cartons means paperboard boxes.

Secondly, the paperboard box and corrugated box usage ranges are very similar.

Thirdly, the paperboard box and corrugated box commonly used box types are the same, like tuck boxes. Consumers are almost not easy to distinguish from the first view.

How do distinguish between folding cartons (paperboard boxes) and corrugated boxes?

  1. From size
    Folding cartons usually are small paper boxes
    A corrugated box can be small for a lip balm packaging box and can be big for a delivery box.

2. From structure

The folding carton is a single-layer box, the corrugated box is a multi-layer box

3. From Advantage
Folding carton’s product cost is lower, and processes are simpler
Corrugated boxes have better cushioning, and can protect the product better.

Which types of folding carton packaging does FLOWORLD have?

As the best folding carton manufacturer, we mainly produce 4 types of folding cartons (folding carton styles):
Reserve Tuck End Box, Straight End Box, Lock Bottom End Box, and customized folding cartons.

Reserve Tuck End Box is the most popular product for its reasonable cost.

When the quantity is not too big, choose Reserve Tuck End Box or Straight End Box just based on the customer’s favorite. While if the quantity is raised, Reserve Tuck End Box’s cost will lower, as it will use less paper to save more cost when arranging typeset.

The lock bottom end box was been purchased less relatively because the production process is a little bit more complicated than the tuck end box, and the cost will be a little bit higher.

While for fragile or heavier products, Lock Bottom End Box is the best choice.
Once the bottom was locked, it will not be opened anymore, except the consumer put product out first.

What is a lock bottom carton?

The lock-bottom carton is a box that has an auto-lock bottom instead of folding by hand.


How do you make a folding carton? What is your folding carton manufacturing process?

To make a folding carton, we will collect the below information from the customer

1. Your product / your required box type and size

2. The gross weight of your product

3. Packaging printing and decoration requirements

4. Your special requirements

5. Estimated purchase Qty
Then we will according to our workflow start box manufacturing.

What are the advantages of folding cartons?

Folding cartons have large applications in various industries is caused, advantages of carton packaging are as followed:

1. Low manufacturing cost

2. 100% customized based on every unique product

3. Package with flap status to save delivery space and storage space and save cost.

4. Suitable for plenty of decoration way

5. Suitable for display

6. Recyclable, it’s friendly to the environment.

3 main benefits folding cartons will bring to you!

  1. Low-cost input with a high branding effect

2. Protect your product

3. Supplement the part that the primary package cannot be expressed


“The tailor makes the man”, Your product also needs one, don’t hesitate to contact us to arrange a 100% customized paper box!





Wrote by Floworld Pack – Sabrina Wong
An expert packaging solution provider since 2009, I help customers choose the right packaging with efficient communication and affordable price.