Gift boxes include kinds of series. Today we will talk about rigid paper boxes. Its foundation function is packaging, improving product value according to the exquisiteness of rigid box packaging is her valued function.

1. Classification of custom rigid box packaging

From the backing paper, the most important ones are paper, leather, fabric series, etc.

Paper series: Including coated paper (like white/silver/gold/colored, and pearl, etc) and kinds of art paper

Leather series: Including genuine leather and anti-leather PU

Fabric series: Including a variety of cotton and linen textures, etc.

As the paper surface can adopt plentiful process treatments, custom rigid box packaging made of paper is familiar.

2. From the scope of application, there are mainly daily chemicals, alcohol, food, tobacco, digital electronics, jewelry, etc.

Daily chemicals: mainly used in cosmetics and perfume.

Liquor: Various wines, but white and red wine used rigid box more.

Food: mainly chocolate and healthy food.

Tobacco: high-end products launched by major tobacco companies.

Digital electronics: such as charges, Cell phone care tools, high-end brand mobile phone boxes, tablet computer boxes, etc.

Jewelry: unique gift boxes style can set off jewels’ individuality.

3. The production process of custom rigid box packaging

Gift boxes workflow are much more complicated than that of origami boxes

It is completed by printing➝surface decoration➝ die-cutting➝gray board die-cutting➝gray board slotting➝gray board forming➝mounting➝assembly➝inspection➝packing.

4. Common defects and quality control points

Adhesive shortage: Four edges of the box easily have an adhesive shortage.

Wrinkles: Irregular folds on the surface of the paper after gluing.

Show gray board color: Generally speaking, it was caused by inaccuracy knife plate making or positioning offset during gluing.

Blistering: Irregular bubbly with different sizes on the surface of the box.

Glue stains: traces of glue remaining on the surface.

Protrusions: There is particulate matter remaining under paper, which partially propped up and destroyed the flatness of the box surface.

Surely before delivery, workers will inspect and pick out all these common defects that happen during production.

5. Common paper box design

Gift boxes have various types like lid-off boxes, drawer boxes, door-style boxes, and flip-top book-style boxes. These types have laid the foundation of the gift box. Under the framework of the basic structure, designers have developed ever-changing box shapes. For this reason, the following describes are the common box shapes and names:

1.     Lid Off Box is also called two pieces box

2.     Flip Top Box is also called book type box

Skincare boxes, shoe boxes, underwear boxes, shirt boxes, mobile phone boxes, etc. used all kinds of lid-off boxes and flip-top boxes widely.

3.     Drawer box

If the lid-off box can give people a sense of intuition, the drawer box can bring people a sense of mystery. The drawer box makes people feel an urge to pull it out and explore the “treasures” inside.

It is used widely in all kinds of underwear boxes, necktie boxes, jewelry boxes, etc.

4.     Folding Boxes

1s folding, people like them caused their easy to delivery and stock.

The above is the most common gift box structure in the market. In actual production, the gift box structure, materials, and craftsmanship are becoming more and more abundant. In addition, the gift box is a customized product. The manufacturer will make differentiated customization according to product characteristics, so there are many exquisite box types. It is also the reason why this industry is so colorful.

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