The selection of paper box packaging products is all-encompassing, and brands in different industries have their preferences for products. Most handmade manufacturers prefer paper boxes made of kraft paper. Compared with other products, kraft paper gives consumers a more natural and environmentally feeling.

With the continuous penetration of environmental awareness in recent years, kraft paper lovers are gradually becoming prominent in various industries. Although kraft paper has environmentally friendly and high hardness characteristics, while in the printing process, it also has its shortcomings like no one is perfect.

What may the kraft paper box manufacturer happen in printing?

Regarding the deficiencies of kraft paper boxes, how do we provide solutions to customers? Agreed by the customer, I am honored to share a real case recently.

One of our long terms cooperated clients informed us they hope to try a kraft paper box for their new product, with confirmed details and announcements, our samples passed inspection and delivered to the client, while they feel the color is too dark than she can accept.

Why is the color will too dark when printing on kraft paper?

As we know kraft paper has environmentally friendly and high hardness characteristics while its shortcoming is easy sorb colors, the whole printing product looks dark. Because kraft paper is uncoated, with more pores on the paper surface, and has strong permeability, it’s easy to sort all colors.

How to let the gift box printing look more colorful?

Under this situation, we usually will be based on clients’ real demand to choose different solutions.

Situation 1: Customer is concerned with color more than cost.

We will suggest client change to using single copper paper instead of kraft paper. Because single copper paper’s printing side was coated,the color can have a better flow and view effect.

Situation 2: Customer is concerned about kraft paper and color.

We will print a white solid color 1-2 times firstly, after the white color was dry, then print the design content on the white color area, it can make sure the color keep brighter.

We may meet different questions when production, but we will always keep in communication and find solutions. In the same case under different production situations, the solutions are different, and the same question, when the client’s demands are different, our solution will be different.

Hope to hear your opinion about the kraft paper packaging or what’s your worries about paper box packaging. Let’s communicate to discover more. For more information welcome to visit our website:

Wrote by Floworld Pack – Sabrina Wong

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