When working on marketing development last month, I met a small business owner, he said he knows the brand promotion is very important if his product can have a good gift box packaging really can help his brand impression and attractive, but to design a gift box cost will too much time and cost, thus he choose universal labels instead of the gift box. Do you also have the same worries before?

Actual whether our business is big or small, always have a packaging way will suitable for us. And I’d like to share my opinions on packaging solution, wish some information may useful to you.

Solution 1: Shop Name or Logo Customized

When your annual sales are below 5,000pcs based on low unit price and profit, you may consider ordering a customized label sticker, hang tags, or cards at Amazon or eBay. There are many online shops that can offer simple label stickers with a simple packaging design and the minimum quantity can be 100pcs.

Solution 2: Semi-customized

When your annual sales are below 5,000pcs based on reasonable profit and don’t want stock packaging, you may consider ordering blank boxes with customized label stickers Or keep a little bit of stock, produce 100% customized boxes. Compared to these two solutions, it depends on you are focused on recent currency or whole input. If consider whole input, then customized boxes will be more suitable.

Solution 3: 100% customized

When your annual sales are above 5,000pcs, produce 100% custom box packaging is absolutely the right choice.

Under this stage, you can base on your annual packaging input to choose different packaging materials, like paper, box types, printing types, decorations and use a simple or professional paper box design. For a simple design, we can support clients free of charge. For the professional design, you can consider offer us your design or pay for the design.

Start to belong an own paper packaging, it’s not that difficult as we imaged, right?

Hope to hear your opinion about the packaging solution or what’s your worries about paper box packaging. Let’s communicate to discover more. For more information welcome to visit our website: www.floworldpack.com.

Wrote by Floworld Pack – Sabrina Wong

An expert packaging solution provider since 2009, I help customers choose the right packaging with efficient communication and affordable price.