For the purpose of packaging, product packaging can be divided into primary packaging and secondary packaging. Primary packaging usually means contact packaging. It will depend on the performance of the product to choose a packaging. Primary packaging including such as PE tubes, PET bottles, glass bottles and jars, aluminum tubes, and so on. Their main function is as a container for products. Secondary packaging usually means gift packaging, which including paper boxes, tin boxes, leather packaging, and PET boxes, etc. Their main function is to assist products’ protection and promotion.

Why do you need a gift box no matter your business is big or small?

1. Packaging is an effective brand promotion tool.

Like folding cartons and paper bags, the brand owner just input less than 1usd, their products can belong a 100% customized packaging.

The 21st century has entered the era of brand and personalized consumption. Consumers purchase products not only to meet their usage needs, the value of personal satisfaction and spiritual pleasure from products also becomes very important. This relies on packaging to fulfill.

As the external manifestation of a brand, the packaging representatives company’s brand to consumers. Brand characteristics through different packaging in attracting consumers.

The packaging needs to assist the products and spiritual benefits are carried out to consumers. Thus the packaging must be imprinted in consumers’ minds and also need fully demonstrate the connotation of the brand. A good packaging design becomes key important.

2. Packaging is full of cultural power.

The core of packaging is not only reflected in the appearance of the image, it is important to show the fusion between personality and affinity, and to effectively display the culture it carries.

3. Packaging is a kind of salesforce.

The exquisite packaging attracts customers and makes them have the urge to buy. When consumers have not used your product, products with customized box packaging will look high level and credible than products without secondary packaging at showing stand. Just as people rely on clothing, the product also needs a suitable piece of clothing.

4. Packaging is a kind of protection.

In the process of product transportation and display, the packaging can play a role in preventing the product from crashing, falling, sun protection, and dust prevention.

5. Packaging is an affinity.

Product packaging is to takes the consumer as the center, meets the different needs of consumers, and at the same time brings consumer affinity. Good customized packaging can let consumers feel it was designed for them.

No matter your company is big or small, letting the consumer know and keep your brand in their heart is a key important thing. Paper packaging will be a wise choice, input less cost, recyclable material, plenty of decoration way and low minimum purchase quantity. Welcome to visit to design a customized retail box for your products.

Wrote by Floworld Pack – Sabrina Wong

An expert packaging solution provider since 2009, I help customers choose the right packaging with efficient communication and affordable price.